Graduate Students:



Dr.Carolyn Jordan

(Thesis: Design and Analysis of Curcumin Conjugated Poly(beta-amino ester) Networks for Controlled Release in Oxidative Stress Environments)











Dr. Vinod Patil, 2012-16

(Thesis: Formulation And Characterization of Poly(Beta Amino Ester) Network For Controlled Delivery of Antioxidants in Pharmaceutical Applications)







Dr. Prachi Gupta, 2011-16

(Thesis:  Synthesis And Characterization of Antioxidant Conjugated Poly(βeta-Amino Ester) Micro/Nanogels For The Suppression of Oxidative Stress)











Dr. Sundar Prasanth Authimoolam, 2009-15

(Thesis: Biomimetic Oral Mucin From Polymer Micelle Networks)











Dr. Andrew Lakes, 2010 – 15

(Thesis: Bioactive Poly(Beta-Amino Ester) Biomaterials For Treatment of Infection And Oxidative Stress)










daveDr. David Cochran, 2009-13

(Thesis: Application of Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory Polymers to Inhibit Injury and Disease)








paritoshDr. Paritosh Wattamwar, 2006-11

(Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of Polymeric Antioxidant Delivery Systems)







john medleyDr. John Medley, 2006-10

(Thesis: Targeted Polymeric Biomaterials for the Prevention of Post Surgical Adhesion)








Photo for WebsiteDr. Nihar Shah

Research: Synthesis And Characterization of Antioxidant Conjugated Poly(beta amino ester) Gel Microparticles For The Suppression of Oxidative Stress.










Mentor: Andrew Lakes

Elysha Calhoun, Redox Behavior of Disulfide-crosslinked PBAE Hydrogels, CME 395, University of Kentucky, 2015

Nic Quammen, Extrusion of antioxidant polymers for use with 3D printing, LaFayette High School, 2014-2015

Alexandra May, 3D Printed Meshes with Antioxidant Delivery, IGERT Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) participant, Florida State University, 2013

Stephanie Cleaver, Multiphase Drug Release Through a Loaded Biodegradable Hydrogel, IGERT Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) participant, DePauw University, 2012

Adam Lyvers, Poly (β-amino ester) Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Biomimetic Sinks for Polychlorinated Biphenyl Detoxification, IGERT Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) participant. University of Kentucky, 2011

Mentor: Prachi Gupta

Erin Bellhorn, Synthesis and Charaterization of Poly(trolox) Co-polymers to Suppress Oxidative Stress, 2014

Manali Panchal, Antioxidant Capacity of Curcumin with respect to time after incubation with Human Dermal Fibroblasts, 2014

Donavyn Coffey, Synthesis and Characterization of Curcumin conjugated Poly(Beta-Amino Ester) gel microparticles, 2014

John Bilbily, Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(L-Carnitine) Polymer, 2015

Sarah Coulson 

Mentor: Sundar Prasanth Authimoolam

Robert DeJaco

Kristin Mulliniks

Mentor: Vinod Patil 

Ashley Lay

Alexandra May

Benjamin Burdette 

Zoe Poncher

Annah Baykal

Mentor: Carolyn Jordan

Ava Vargason

Sarah Coulson 

Hannah Dvorak

Mentor: Irfan Ahmad

Oscar Zabala

Barry Umeh